Scavenger Hunt


  • Windows PC
  • VR Chat
  • No VR headset required! (VRChat is available in “Desktop mode”)
  • Discord


You can hunt for items in our VRChat world anytime during our event. We are also hosting two search parties at 11:30am EDT on Friday and 1:30pm EDT Saturday.

15 items are hidden around our world. You’ll earn 1 raffle ticket for finding all Level 1 items, 2 tickets for all Level 2 items, and 5 tickets for all Level 3 items! When you find a scavenger hunt item, click on the item to add it to your collection.

When you’re done looking for items, go to the expo hall and take a screenshot of your collection. If you leave the world, your collection will disappear, so take a screenshot of your incomplete collection before leaving! You don’t need to find them again when you return. Just post another screenshot when you finish finding the rest.

Submit your screenshot — in spoiler tags — to #raffle on our Discord to earn your raffle tickets.

We encourage you to work together!