Welcome to Our VR World

No VR headset required!

Enjoy the convention with your friends on PC or with a VR Headset

A Fun Space to be Together!

You can enjoy our VRChat world without a headset! VRChat is free on Steam and can be run in desktop mode on PC.

In addition to our streaming content on Twitch, vgmtogether will offer a weekend-long virtual venue in VRChat! VRChat is This VR space features a concert hall, merch area, and more. Our virtual world is designed to give you and your friends a place to hang out, play games, and enjoy our streams in a tailor-made panel room and performance space!

Virtual Jam Sessions

Anyone can play music in our VRChat world! Check out the infographic below to see how YOU can perform. If you have questions at any time, visit our Discord server at vgmtogether.org/discord and post in the VR channels. We have VR Guides ready to help you set up and play!

Ask a VR Guide on our Discord if you need help setting up your jam session!

VR Events

We have fun events in VR all weekend long! Check out the Community section of our schedule. There will be games, watch parties, and more. The VR Guides on our Discord can provide links to the instances of our VRChat world where the events will be taking place.

More Questions About VRChat?

Check out https://hello.vrchat.com/ for comprehensive information on setting up and navigating VRChat. The in-game menus also have great tutorials! If you have any further questions, ask our VR Guides on our Discord. Have an awesome time at the convention!