AudioLink: Making Waves in VR

Llealloo, CNLohr

AudioLink is a mechanism to connect the audio playing in a VRChat world to visual effects in-world and even through to people’s avatars. It drew immediate attention from hundreds of world and avatar creators. From there, many more engineers and developers hopped onto the project, adding much more advanced sound processing + effects and effectively stationing the project as a widely adopted standard for audio-visual reactivity. This is the story of how these protocols and interfaces for multiple VR social platforms were created and formed by those in their communities (instead of by the corporations behind them). This is the story of how people were able to make their avatars even more their own, connecting their creations through music to their friends from around the world.


AudioLink: Making Waves in VR

Friday, October 21st, 2022

9:00 pm - 9:45pm ET

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Udon AudioLink


Llealloo (she/her)

Llealloo has been a designer, motion graphics animator, and community cultivator since 2008. In 2020, she found VR and it connected the dots of many aspects of her hobbies and profession. She continues to play an active role in VR community and software development.

CNLohr (he/him)

CNLohr has been making YouTube videos about electronics since 2006, but in 2016, he found VR and it turned his world upside down. He made VR both his hobby, life and even career, now working for a major game company on VR hardware projects.