Latin American VGM (and Why Chile Has Been Its Cradle)

Pokérus, Thennecan

Pokérus and Thennecan are an essential part of Latin VGM, with 15 years of career between them. they’ve been able to create a scene that delivers amazing VGM records and live shows like there aren’t elsewhere. What started as a small collective called “Pixel Quemado” is now a community of artists that produce albums, shows, festivals both in-person and online, and have become pioneers of the VGM scene around the world. They will be discussing why Chile has been an incredible place to kickstart the Latin VGM scene with “ÑoñoParty”, and how they’ve been able to keep consistent growth over the years.


Latin American VGM (and Why Chile Has Been Its Cradle)

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

6:00 pm - 6:45pm ET


Patricio "Pokérus" Thielemann

Patricio “Pokérus” Thielemann is a Chilean guitarist and producer known as “Pokérus” on the VGMusic scene. He has made over 20 game music albums, EPs and compilations in a huge variety of styles from lo fi hip hop to progressive metal music and rock in general and has been touring and creating a local scene for over 10 years in his country, collaborating with musicians from all over the globe.



Felipe "Thennecan" Salinas

Felipe “Thennecan” Salinas is a Chilean guitarist and producer. He’s known for his collaborative quality, as well as the versatility in regards to formats and variety of styles he has arranged over the years, like Ska, Funk, Rock, Metal, Folk, Orchestral, etc. He has released 3 albums, 2 ep’s and a massive amount of singles and collaborations.

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