Sounds of Venba

Neha Patel, AlphaSomething

This panel will showcase how and why certain sounds and musical cues were used in order to recreate a bustling, evolving Tamil immigrant home in Canada through 3 decades. The goal was to reflect an immigrant family’s roots and the nostalgia that they hold so dear while they navigate the immigrant experience. The process of creating certain sound effects and the conceptual basis for Venba’s soundtrack will be explored in depth.


Sounds of Venba

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

11:00 am - 11:45am ET


Neha Patel (she/her)

Neha is a freelance composer,sound designer and arranger from Montréal. She is currently working on multiple titles such as: Venba. MiniMaker, Spleen, Eternights, Lost Your Marbles (Playdate) and of course some NDAs!

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AlphaSomething (they/them)

AlphaSomething is a Tamil musician, songwriter and producer. Focusing mainly on independent projects and collaborative art over 15 years, AlphaSomething has collaborated with notable Tamil musicians such as Kaber Vasuki, Pravin Mani, SuVi & Luksimi. Their works are featured on Sony Music as well as independent labels. In 2020, AlphaSomething was commissioned for a fundraiser project for University of Toronto’s Chair in Tamil Studies:

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