The Filler Panel

Nujj, Doug Perry

Ever have an empty spot on your panels schedule? We sure did! Join co-directors Nujj and Doug as they fill the time with valuable information that no one should miss. Other members of the staff may drop in, too! Or not! We have no idea!


The Filler Panel

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

9:00 pm - 9:45pm ET


Nujj (she/her)

Nujj is an active and passionate supporter of video game music and the musicians that perform it. You can find her modding for 10-15 VGM streamers. No one knows the actual number. She really likes cheese, video games, and hammers.

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Doug Perry (he/him)

Doug is a professional percussionist with a passion for video game music. In addition to performing arrangements of his favorite video game tunes, he also performs as a studio musician on official video game soundtracks!