The Madness of DJing in VR

Strawberry Protato

A demo and discussion on the process and procedures around DJing in VR. We’ll cover general information and basic perspectives, such as streaming services, in-game stream capabilities, license considerations from an average end user perspective, basic gear and software, as well as a brief discussion on VR needs. From there we will discuss more advanced implementations around DJing while inside of VR, what gear you’ll need, what additional software and hardware, and any further considerations that may arise from the added complexity.


The Madness of DJing in VR

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

4:00 pm - 4:45pm ET


Strawberry Protato (she/her)

I started DJing during Covid, after decades of trumpet jazz, classical, & experimental, augmented w/FX, synths, & other audio foolery, & have been into EDM since hearing the 20 minute cut of “Autobahn” on my dad’s reel-to-reel. My groove is lively but chill, pulling from both the living & the digital realms of sound; combinations of Houses Organic, Melodic, Tribal, Afro, Latin, Deep, & Prog, as well as Funk, Breaks, Liquid, Psy, Goa, and anything else that fits these “Strawberry Vibes”. I DJ furry conventions sometimes, but most frequently play in VRChat for one of the many furry dance collectives, as well as the occasional non-furry club. I also do a regular, weekly Twitch stream called “Strawberry Jam” and co-run a “Sunday Service” dance club in VR.

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