VGM Arranging 101

Jer Roque

Creating a VGM arrangement can be a daunting task. What different roles do instruments fulfill in music? How do different instruments utilize melody, bass, chords, & rhythm to create a full arrangement? How does the absence of these elements affect the listener? Learn as Jer breaks these elements down to the basics so you can create your own arrangements!


VGM Arranging 101

Friday, October 21st, 2022

10:00 pm - 10:45pm ET


Jer Roque (he/him)

Jeremiah “Jer” Roque is a versatile pianist and arranger who specializes in video game music. Rather than being hyperfocused on a single genre of music, he infuses elements of classical, jazz, pop, and rock into his pianistic interpretations of video game music. He has performed video game music all over the Midwest since 1999. Jer streams on Twitch, and is also the keyboardist for Playing With Power and Marshall Art.