VGM Live Loops & Arts

OrchKeystraMusic, LadyHydrangeArts

Manny (OrchKeystraMusic) will be bringing some fresh live remixes of groovy and vibey VGMs as Lady holding it down with amazing video game arts. They will be covering range of things from their favorites, such as Final Fantasy, Kirby, Animal Crossing, Mega Man, and more!


VGM Live Loops & Arts

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

3:00 pm - 3:45pm ET


OrchKeystraMusic (Manny) and LadyHydrangeArts

OrchKeystraMusic (Manny) and LadyHydrangeArts are a duo music/visual art artists from the Greater San Francisco Bay Area who have been pursuing live virtual collaborations of music and drawing since the year 2020. They have covered many genres from retro VGMs to classic animes and even some improv themes on the spot. Through their collaborations, they would love to promote the eclectic crossover between multiple disciplines of art and the collective creations that can come out of it.