Piano/Cello Duet

Featuring the talents of Jacob Coppage-Gross on piano and Alex Son on cello, Sudowoododuo brings together the classic sound of a piano and cello duet with novel renditions of video game soundtracks. Jacob and Alex have been actively engaged in video game music in the DC area, performing as members of the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra (WMGSO). As Sudowoododuo, they have performed both live and virtually including at the Humanities Video Game Concert at Prince George’s Community College (April 2022), Magstock (June 2022), and at venues such as the Weinberg in Frederick (July 2022). The duet continues to develop new arrangements that combine popular themes in unique and exciting ways.

Jacob Coppage-Gross (he/him), Alex Son (he/him)



Friday, October 21st, 2022

7:20 pm - 7:50pm ET

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