Theølogy (he/him)


Hey everyone! I don’t like 3rd person bios so I’m gonna speak to you directly. My name is Theølogy and I am a VGM Remix producer and DJ from Lexington, Kentucky. Believe it or not, a few nerds exist here 🙂

I have been DJing and producing for 15 years and I am a veteran of the trance scene (my previous music being supported by Above & Beyond, Cosmic Gate, and Fatum), but I also create every single genre of EDM. My remixes are melodic and beautiful (as video game music is) but I combine this nuance with really uplifting chords and incredibly dirty bass 😈
You may have seen me recently at VGM Con, 2D Con, or on Bonus Stage Van, and I have also just made collaboration remixes with the likes of Vector U, Mesmerist, bLiNd, The Arkadian, Player2, and more. It has been such an honor to collab with so many of my heroes and be a part of this community! The VGM scene truly has the most talented and accepting people I’ve ever met.
Video Game music is special to all of us, and I hope the journey that my music takes you on inspires you in some way shape or form. It’s a weird world out there, so let’s not only escape together, but come out on the other side better-equipped to spread love!



Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

1:10 am - 2:00am ET

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